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Advice on Responsible Investment Options in Oxfordshire & West Lothian

Investments with social and environmental aspirations, also known as ESG Funds

We are proud to work with Omnis Investment Funds, which manages funds that take environmental and social concerns seriously. But ultimately, we are advocates of ESG investing because we believe that it should generate better outcomes for our investors over the long term which, after all, is our primary objective.

One of the fundamental parts of the research process is to ensure that only third-party Investment Managers that share our values can have delegated management of funds. To this end, Omnis insist that all of their Managers are, and remain, signatories to both the UN PRI and the UK Stewardship Code, which we believe represent sensible standards of ESG integration.


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    Please note. HM Revenue and Customs practice and the law relating to taxation are complex and subject to individual circumstances and changes which cannot be foreseen. The value of investments and any income from them can fall as well as rise and you may not get back the original amount invested.

    Key terms explained

    Responsible Investing An umbrella term used to incorporate many aspects of non-traditional investing, including environmental, social, governance and ethical components. It is often focused on avoiding unnecessary risks, and should not usually involve having to accept lower returns
    Ethical Investing Investing in line with your personal ethical beliefs and standards. This is personal, as everyone will have slightly different ethical preferences and beliefs, but examples might be a blanket ban on investing in companies that generate more than a certain percentage of their revenues from activities related to gambling or from tobacco products because the investor feels strongly about how these issues impact society.
    Sustainable Investing Actively seeking companies with positive ESG products, processes or services which may make them more profitable, or better placed to take advantage of emerging trends in order to improve environmental, social and/or governance outcomes. An example might be a company operating in the renewable energy field, or one that is reducing the cost of healthcare to make it more affordable for all.
    Impact Investing Investing with the express intention of generating a positive impact on the environment or society. Note that this may be (although is not always) at the expense of some monetary return. An example could be investing in social housing, or in companies that offer employment in areas where unemployment is high.

    We Take Responsible Investment Seriously

    We have long believed that investment should be directed towards companies that operate under sound environmental and social policies and that have strong governance structures. Over and above the positive benefits to the environment and society, such companies are likely to be better managed, more capable of effective capital allocation and less likely to face regulatory pressures: factors that should ultimately be reflected in a company’s share price and investors’ returns.

    The performance has been excellent. We are now retired which has been enabled partly through good advice and prudent long-term saving goals. Jackie Oxford

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