Home insurance you can rely on. There for life’s unwelcome surprises.

Home insurance doesn’t always deliver when it is needed. Ours will.

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Insurance without the surprises.

We give you insurance advice to help select the right level of cover for your home and contents. This means you will be insured against, for example, storm damage, floods, fire, theft and malicious or accidental damage.

You can choose to cover only your building or contents, or protect inside and out in the one policy. And, with policies offering a range of optional extras, you can affordably insure personal items such as jewellery and artwork, and items you take out of the home such as laptops and sports equipment.

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    Looking After People, As Well As Finances

    When you choose Throp Financial Planning, you are partnering with a small but highly experienced team of financial advisers.

    Since 1996 and across the UK we have been helping clients to make choices which match their short-term and long-term goals.

    It is by getting to know you and your unique situation which helps us provide the best advice.

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    Relax. You’re home is properly insured

    Your Home and Contents Home insurance is not one to under value in the cause of lowering annual costs. We need to make sure we get the true values covered.
    Your Affordability There is a huge array of insurance options. It calls for pragmatic advice from our experts to help guide your decisions.
    Your Decision Like every aspect of financial planning we need to review at least annually to ensure we’re tracking home and contents and achieving best value for your policies.

    Cover where others may choose not to support you

    You may have need of more than standard cover – for instance, you live in an area at risk from flooding, your building is listed or your home is of high value. We are very experienced in assessing needs and identifying the most appropriate home insurance.

    "Thanks to Vincent‘s timely, professional & honest advice we are in a good position for retirement, with an adequate pension “pot”, invested according to our diverse attitudes to risk, and no remaining mortgage burden." Byron Oxford

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