Real life’s not always a bed of roses.

Accidents, unemployment, critical illness and … worse … don’t just happen to other people.

If you value peace of mind for you and your family, talk to us about affordable Protection Policies. 

Personal & Family Insurance Protection

So if the worst happens, finance is the least of the worries

We all plan our finances around things going right. But we all know that nothing in life is certain, which is why protection insurance is invaluable for you, your family or your business. We recommend all our clients include it in their financial planning considerations.

A personal protection policy gives you a safety net to minimise any impact on your income, savings and investments at the times when you need it the most. We offer a range of protection plans for individuals.

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    Looking After People, As Well As Finances

    When you choose Throp Financial Planning, you are partnering with a small but highly experienced team of financial advisers.

    Since 1996 and across the UK we have been helping clients to make choices which match their short-term and long-term goals.

    It is by getting to know you and your unique situation which helps us provide the best advice.

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    Don’t gamble. Protection makes sense.

    Your Position We need to discuss your family, home and business. There are options to consider and we can advise better when we know about you, your income and your life plans.
    Your Goals Let’s discuss your outlook and commitments. We need a realistic view on the implications of any of the real world misfortunes on your family.
    Your Decision With so many options to choose from, a pragmatic approach is called for. We can advise, you must decide!

    Making sure your Insurance keeps in tune with your needs

    The markets change. Your life position changes too. It make sense to regularly review all aspects of your finances and that includes your protection insurance, to make sure your policy provides adequate cover for your changing needs. This minimises the risks of your policies being ‘under insured’, so payouts don’t cover your family’s needs.

    Vincent has been our financial adviser for over twenty five years. He has helped us through the good times and bad. We are so lucky to be looked after by such a talented and friendly adviser. We cannot thank him enough for the service he has provided Oxford

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